Benefits of Mobile Patrols

Have you ever wondered whether mobile patrols would benefit your business? If so, we’re here to explain how mobile patrols can be a valuable alternative to static or manned guarding if those services don’t really fit the bill.

As a cost-effective method to protect your business, mobile patrols ensure an internal, external and visible presence is available. The main duty of a mobile security guard is to undertake exterior patrols either at random or for pre-arranged times. The benefit of arranging random patrols makes it harder for criminal activity to take place as it can’t be planned and with a uniformed security guard present it’s an effective deterrent. Mobile patrols not only patrol the exterior of any premises, if required interior patrols can be undertaken as well as checking for signs of disturbance, potential fire risks and securing each floor.

Depending on the size or budget of your business, a permanent guarding solution may not be an option but that doesn’t mean that it’s not important to secure your site so mobile patrols are an effective solution. Having highly trained security guards means they will have in-depth knowledge of what your security needs are and how to implement them by assessing and reporting real-time issues. By providing a tailored service security officers can easily identify inconsistencies as well as respond efficiently.

The Main Benefits

Visible Presence

Prime’s mobile patrol security officers wear recognisable uniform and drive highly liveried vehicles. This provides a visible deterrence as it helps people to visually understand that there is a security presence at the premises, which reduces the likelihood of criminal activity. As our guards patrol at random intervals and don’t follow a set schedule, criminals will not be able to detect a specific patrol pattern which will make it difficult for them to successfully break into your property.

Patrol Multiple Locations

Mobile patrols offer an effective and immediate response when put in place with alarms and warning signals that feed to our 24/7 control room, enabling our mobile patrol security officers to monitor multiple sites during a shift. Patrols can be done on foot or in a moving vehicle which means getting to an emergency situation to avoid violations or to catch people involved is instantaneous. With a fleet of patrol vehicles across the UK, Prime Management Group can meet your mobile patrol requirements at a moment’s notice and cover ground quickly.

Range of Security Checks

Mobile patrols are extremely versatile and aren’t limited to simple sweeps of the exterior. Depending on the client’s requirements, patrol officers can carry out a wide range of on-demand security checks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As well as monitoring and responding to alarms, mobile patrols can also include interior patrols, inspecting door and windows and locking and securing premises, providing the ultimate deterrence against opportunist thieves and criminals.

Keyholding and Alarm Response

Many security companies combine mobile patrols with keyholding and alarm response, as incase of an emergency, patrol officers will require access to the property. This enables a rapid response team to be deployed to resolve any issues.Patrol officers will take the necessary steps to re-secure your premises and liaise with law enforcement where necessary. Along with this, patrol officers can arrange any door repairs and fixes in the case of a break in. 


Mobile patrols are an extremely cost-effective security solution that can be utilised in all industries. As static security guards and CCTV systems are often expensive and beyond the budget of smaller businesses, mobile patrols provide the perfect alternative to costly security services, whilst providing high levels of criminal deterrence. Deploying mobile patrols to secure your premises can help to reduce your losses and damage to your assets in the event of a break-in or vandalism.

At Prime Management Group, we deploy effective SIA licensed mobile patrols across the UK, providing companies with a comprehensive and visible security presence that protects their assets, equipment, and personnel. All our operatives are screened and vetted in accordance with British Standards BS7858 in line with our quality management system meeting ISO9001 accreditation. Using the latest industry technology, we ensure that each deployment is comprehensively risk assessed using data from local crime statistics and also local knowledge.

For more information about our mobile patrol service, check out our mobile patrol page.