How to Improve Construction Site Security

Building a secure construction site doesn’t happen overnight but it needs to be done right. Protecting your business, premises, assets and employees should be a top priority and security can be a major issue on construction sites. Why is this? Construction sites house expensive tools and equipment which can, unfortunately, be attractive to criminals meaning sourcing highly trained security experts to minimise your risk is a necessity.

There are simple steps you can implement to keep your construction site more secure; by using a sign in and out process, displaying signs, locking away possessions and maintaining these procedures. However, there are higher levels of security you can opt to implement to ensure your site has maximum security, protecting your business.

Security Guards

By hiring highly trained experts to minimise your risk and provide a physical presence your business is immediately better protected. Experts have the ability to implement a tailored security plan for your business, mapping out the area and identifying valuable assets and vulnerable points. Here at Prime Management we have highly trained experts to implement your requirements.

CCTV Services

Once you’ve closed down for the day and your equipment is unattended, CCTV services can be the ultimate solution to deter any criminal activity. Remote monitoring services can make all the difference. Take preventative measures with cost-effective site security.

Mobile Patrols

A rapid and effective response is key to prevent any security breaches meaning that when an event does occur whoever is monitoring your premises and equipment can take action or if required, alert the authorities. Any size or requirement within the construction industry qualifies for a high level of security therefore it is the sole responsibility of a security company to protect your site and equipment.

Our team of experts at Prime Management Group have the knowledge and experience of providing bespoke security solutions using the latest industry technology. Each deployment is comprehensively risk assessed using data from local crime statistics and local knowledge. All operatives are screened and vetted in accordance with British Standards BS7858 in line with our quality management system meeting ISO9001 accreditation. Whether you require manned guards or mobile security all our clients can rest assured that all premises, people and assets will be secure and remain protected in our care.

To see how Prime Management Group can assist your construction site security requirements, check our construction site security page.