What is a Waking Watch?

Fire marshal patrols

Procuring fire management solutions can certainly be a stressful task. At Prime Management Group, we are here to assist you with the process and provide you with the ultimate peace of mind. So, what exactly is a waking watch and how will you benefit from this service?

In light of the tragic events at Grenfell Tower, the Waking Watch Service provides a reassuring and responsive presence to fire safety issues. In brief, a Waking Watch is a system whereby highly trained fire marshals continually patrol all floors and the exterior perimeter of the building in order to detect a fire, raise the alarm and carry out the role of evacuation management. A Waking watch should always be recognised as a reassuring and responsive solution to any fire management requirements.

A Waking Watch is effectively 24-hour surveillance/monitoring of any multiple occupancy buildings. Fire marshals will monitor and patrol the building(s) for signs or risks of a fire or fire hazards. These patrols are conducted at regular intervals throughout a 24hr period with real-time reports being generated at the time of patrol. Clients can request these reports on an hourly, daily or weekly basis with images available where requested. The role of a waking watch will be dependent on what the client requires, however general responsibilities include;

  • Alerting the Fire Service should a fire be detected
  • Manage and eradicate any potential fire risks
  • Patrol premises at regular intervals remaining vigilant throughout
  • In the event of a fire, alert all residents & begin evacuation proceedings
  • Assist and liaise with the Fire Service where necessary

Do I need a Waking Watch Service?

Whether a waking watch service is required for a highrise apartment block, a commercial property or a vacant property, routine patrols on the premises are the best solution for comprehensive fire risk mitigation. If you own or manage a residential property, then you will know it is your sole responsibility to ensure the safety of all occupants within your residence. This includes maintaining safety standards and ensuring you have the correct standard of materials both internally and externally (cladding etc). 

The National Fire Chief Councils guidance suggests that whilst regulation standard fire alarms are deemed ‘adequate’ by most local councils, a waking watch should be used alongside this measure for added safety. The report states that in circumstances where fire alarms are in place, in the event of a fire, a waking watch will be there to call the fire service and evacuate the building(s) in a prompt, timely and safe manner.

In circumstances where fire alarms are not in place, a waking watch can be relied upon to detect, manually initiate the alarm and evacuate the building. However, sounders will need to be placed in common areas and in most cases in every apartment to ensure that the alarm is loud enough to wake residents from their sleep. Waking watch can then proceed with the evacuation procedure.

What happens next?

Prime’s highly trained Fire Marshals and Fire Risk Consultants are deployed to assess building safety issues and determine the sufficient number of fire marshals required to safeguard any premises and mitigate the property’s fire safety issues. We carry out an extensive fire risk assessment in line with the standards set by the NFCC.

Upon arrival at premises, our Fire Marshals place NFC tag points in key areas for Fire Marshals to scan on their patrols. NFC stands for Near Field Communication which is a short-range, wireless technology that enables us to quickly and wirelessly exchange information between our mobile devices and other NFC-enabled access points. Each individual tap generates a unique encrypted code appended to a URL to provide proof of presence, ensuring the highest levels of fire risk mitigation. You will be receiving real-time feedback and reports highlighting that all hazard points are routinely patrolled.

Why Choose Prime Management Group?

Here at Prime Management, the above is exactly what we offer and more. It is our utmost priority to set up a waking watch service in line with the NFCC guidance by working alongside building owners, landlords and managers to implement a fire strategy in residential and commercial properties where safety issues might be a concern, such as unsafe exterior cladding and faulty fire alarm systems.

No matter the size of your residential property, we are able to staff dedicated fire watch officers that will mitigate any fire risks on your premises. Using the latest technology, our staff follow strict fire safety procedures that will give you and your residents much needed peace of mind, whilst work is undertaken to improve the safety of your residential property.

The most important aspect of a waking watch service is that in the event of a fire alarm, the emergency services are alerted with the fire marshal locating the cause of alarm and alerting everybody to the emergency. If required, fire marshals are highly trained in evacuating the building in accordance with the building’s fire evacuation plan. It is our prerogative at Prime Management to ensure that residents sleep soundly at night so if you require our expert service, contact us today.

If you require a Waking Watch Service, get in touch today.