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Looking to hire property maintenance solutions?

At Prime Facilities Management, our goal is to provide peace of mind for our clients by managing their buildings, properties and premises. We offer cost-effective property maintenance solutions on a UK-wide basis. Providing everything from simple fixes to preventing future issues, our team of experienced contractors are experienced and highly trained at dealing with every aspect of property maintenance.


Looking to hire property maintenance solutions?

With a comprehensive range of commercial property services, such as property facilities management, building services, construction and maintenance solutions, we are experienced in operating multiple properties on a nationwide basis providing maintenance round-the-clock.

With over 20 years’ experience in commercial property maintenance, we pride ourselves on our ability to put in place cost-effective maintenance processes and solutions across all the properties we maintain. Whether you’re a landlord, a property investor, or a commercial property management company, we believe that flexible and reactive solutions are key for our clients to generate maximum returns on their properties across all sectors.

By centralising all the services you may require, Prime Facilities Management takes a stress-free approach to property maintenance. By working closely with you, we are able to ensure the right processes and the right people are in place to maintain your commercial property portfolio. We take the hassle away from managing properties, allowing you to focus on the important things in your life.

Our tradesmen and contractors are fully-vetted and have years of experience within their trade. Working to industry standards, our professional team can quickly respond to client requests on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and whilst also providing ad hoc maintenance services.

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