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Looking for Waking Watch & Fire Watch Services?

In light of the tragic events at Grenfell Tower, the Waking Watch Service provides a reassuring and responsive presence to fire safety issues. Set up in line with the NFCC guidance, we work alongside building owners, landlords, and managers to implement a fire safety strategy in residential and commercial properties where safety issues may be a concern, such as unsafe exterior cladding and faulty fire alarm systems. 

What Is A Waking Watch?

Fire Identification

Fire Identification

Alert the residents

Alert the Residents

Evacuation Management

Evacuation Management

Fire Service Liaison

Fire Service Liaison

A Waking Watch is a system whereby highly trained fire marshals continually patrol the interior and exterior of a building in order to detect a fire, raise the alarm and evacuate the building. A Waking watch should always be recognised as a reassuring and responsive solution to any fire management requirements. It is effectively a 24-hour surveillance/monitoring of any multiple occupancy buildings. Trained Fire Safety Officers will monitor and patrol the building(s) searching for signs of fire and fire hazards. These patrols are conducted at regular intervals throughout a 24hr period with real-time reports being generated at the time of patrol…


Waking Watch

Complete Peace of Mind…

Whether you hire a Waking Watch Service for a highrise apartment block, a commercial property or a vacant property, we operate on a national footprint and ensure peace of mind for our clients’ residents by routinely patrolling the premises and completing fire safety checklists.

Once a client has reached out to us and the Waking Watch has been decided to be the appropriate response, our highly-trained fire marshals will assess the building’s safety issues to determine the sufficient number of Waking Watch fire marshals needed to safeguards our clients’ residents and mitigate the property’s fire safety issues.

Real-Time Reporting…

Upon arrival, Prime’s fire officers place NFC tag points in key areas for our fire marshals to scan on their patrols. This gives our clients real-time feedback and reports, highlighting that all hazard points are routinely patrolled.

In the event of a fire alarm, our team of fire marshals will alert the emergency services, locate the cause of the alarm, alert everybody to the emergency, and if required, will evacuate the building in accordance to the buildings fire evacuation plan. Kitted with high-quality and durable fire safety equipment, Prime’s fire marshals will ensure your residents sleep soundly at night.

Fire Marshal

Our Process…

Fire Risk Assessment

Review of Fire Safety Recommendations

Whether your property has been issued with recommendations from a Fire Officer or a recent building survey has resulted in the need of a Waking Watch, we will review these assessments to ensure you are meeting fire safety requirements.

Fire marshal patrols

Scheduled Patrols

Once we have reviewed the recommendations we will place strategic NFC Scan Points at all the hazard points in your building. Our marshals use the latest NFC tag technology to ensure the property is patrolled regularly, and all-hazard points are checked. Each individual tap generates a unique encrypted code appended to a URL to provide proof of presence, ensuring the highest levels of fire risk mitigation.

Fire safety requirements

Regular Updates

After placing strategic NFC Scans points around your property, we compile your site-specific assignment instructions which give our highly trained fire marshals the guidance they need, relating to the property's fire safety requirements. Each week you will receive a weekly report noting all of the completed NFC Scan points along with any incident reports that need addressing.

Why Choose Prime Fire Management…

Waking watch service

Prime’s Waking Watch fire marshals are trained to the highest industry standards. With an in-house training team made up of ex-firefighters, our fire marshals benefit from an encyclopedic knowledge of fire safety and fire risk mitigation.

No matter the size of your residential property, we are able to staff dedicated fire watch officers that will mitigate any fire risks on your premises. Using the latest technology, our staff follow strict fire safety procedures that will give you and your residents much needed peace of mind, whilst work is undertaken to improve the safety of your residential property.

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