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Looking for rapid deployment CCTV?

Prime Security Services provides the latest temporary CCTV towers to businesses requiring short-term security solutions across the UK. Specifically designed to provide all-in-one site security for temporary sites, temporary CCTV towers combine rapid security deployment with remote monitoring solutions. 

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Temporary CCTV Towers.

Temporary CCTV towers are designed to remain outside and left unattended for long periods of time. Providing both a visual deterrence and CCTV monitoring, temporary CCTV towers are the perfect short-term solution to help protect your site from illegal occupation, theft and vandalism.

Operating as a fully power-independent, standalone temporary CCTV tower, the monitoring systems are commonly used on sites in remote locations or where short-term security is required, such as construction sites, festivals, vacant properties and remote working events.

Temporary CCTV towers
Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers

Due to their flexibility and short installation time, they are the perfect cost-effective solution for protecting sites with short-term occupancy. Prime Security Service’s temporary CCTV towers are easily transported and can be deployed within 20 minutes once on site.  Running on battery and solar power, the self-sufficient CCTV towers a comprehensive alternative to fixed CCTV. With 24/7 video surveillance, temporary CCTV towers can be pivotal for health and safety and protecting yourself from liability and insurance claims.

Our CCTV towers use the latest cutting-edge technology to protect your assets. Aswell as 24/7 remote monitoring, a range of features can be triggered when a detector is activated, including automatic video recording, remote monitoring, pan-tilt-zoom to preset locations, voice warnings, sirens email notification and ARC incident management. Our clients are also granted access through a smartphone app, allowing you to watch your site in real-time.

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